Системы водоподготовки

LLC “TIROTEKS”, Tiraspol

Умягчение питательной воды для системы когенерации производительностью 90 куб.м/час ...

Poninkovsky CSC

Preparation of feed water for steam boilers of surface source capacity of 20 m / h

Nemiroff Liquor Plant

Water treatment for the production of alcoholic beverages with capacity of 63m3/hour. Mechanical filtration, deferizzation, demineralization and rever...

Borispol Airport

Mechanical filtration, deferizzation, disinfection of water supply.

Water treatment for utilities

Water treatment includes the following process stages: Mechanical filtration, disinfection. Total capacity 20,000 m3 / day

Private houses water treatment

Water treatment technology depends of technical conditions and advanced analysis of water source.

Drinking water treatment by local plants

In the programm “Drinking Water of Ukraine ” Aqua-Lux, Vinnitsa has developed project and technical documentation for the installation of drinking wat...

Water treatment for PRaT “Vinnitsabythim”

Water treating consists of 4 stages: mechanical filtration, softening, dechloration, reverse osmosis (RO). Water treatment plant capacity is 4,5 m3/ho...