Resort Medical & SPA Arden Palace Khelnitsk-Sataniv

AQUA-LUX, VINNITSA company, from September 2019 to September 2020, fully fulfilled contract obligations for the installation and commissioning of the pool systems in ARDEN-PALACE SPA complex with a total displacement of pools more than 1000 tons. For water treatment and disinfection of pool water, were used the latest generation of CULLIGAN (Italy-USA) equipment. The pool waterproofing was done using materials from LITOKOL (Italy), porcelain tiles, mosaics and border elements – SERAPOOL (Turkey). The sport pool 25 x 12 m is made using INFINITY POOL technology, the whipping pool allows you to sip from the SPA zone and enjoy hydro-air massage on the fresh air. A large outdoor hydro-air massage pool is represented by 6 air massage loungers and an anatomical hydro massage seat for 10 people. All pools are overflow type with LED lighting that gradually changes its colour. Inside the SPA, the complex is represented by a bath complex, cold and warm hot tubs, large and small gyro-aero massage pools.