Springboards, water park, baths – the launch of the world’s only indoor freestyle center in Minsk

Team of “Aqua-Lux, Vinnitsa” carried out the control of design and exploration work as well as the delivery and author’s control regarding the installation of technological equipment Culligan (USA). The total volume of filtered water is 1300 m3 / h.

The training center “Freestyle” is a unique sports facility, which has no analogues in the world. This is the first indoor freestyle complex, which means athletes can train at any time of the year and are completely independent of weather conditions. On the basis of the training center, international summer freestyle competitions are held, which are becoming increasingly popular.

The sports area is designed for competitions and training sessions in freestyle, diving and synchronized swimming. It forms the basis of the complex and is located in the central hall. Three springboards (for triple flips, for double flips and for single flips with a 70-meter, 56-meter and 40-meter long run, respectively) are located in front of the training pool with a depth of 5.5 meters. The sports area includes spectator stands with a capacity of up to 546 seats.

There is a big amount of SPA-pools, which are located in special areas. One of the curious attractions is a hydraulic catapult, or a water cannon: a man sits on a special chair, and a strong pressure of water pushes him into a small pool. Here, however, there are limitations: children under the age of 12 and people weighing less than 50 or more than 150 kilograms cannot experience extreme sensations.

As for security measures, when paying for services, each visitor will receive a modern bracelet. Thanks to this device, one can not only control the remaining rest time, go to the paid zones, buy food and drinks in bars, but also be under the supervision of lifeguards all the time. When a person who is in the water stays motionless for a certain time, the security staff receives an alarm signal that will help in case of an emergency not to be late and prevent accidents. Bracelets for children are even more advanced, they will even respond to a change in pulse.

Inside the sports complex is very warm, music plays. The beach area is small, but adjacent to infrared saunas. Near one of the shallow pools installed a special chair that allows people with disabilities to sink into the water.

The deepest pool in Minsk and Belarus – from 4.5 to 8.5 m deep and 20 × 30 m in size – is intended only for the athletes. His charms will appreciate the synchronized swimmers, swimmers, jumpers and freestylers. In such a large “aquarium” will develop skills including divers, rescuers. Concrete towers are located directly above the pool, which is rare in Europe. New towers are certified and are valid for international competitions. But the rescuers will keep a close eye on the fact that users will not try to plunge into the deep pool.

Under the pool there are special windows for video and camera so that journalists can shoot athletes during competitions. Trainers will also be able to watch their players through these “portholes”. In addition, the musical system is brought into the pool, so synchronized players will always hear the song, under which they perform, and the coaches will not have to tap the rhythm for them. The spectator tribune holds almost 500 seats, above it is the judges’ box. Another unique feature of our pool is the airbag, thanks to which the blow to the water of a freestyle athlete will be “extinguished”. Under the influence of air, the water surface “collapses”, and the landing promises to be soft and non-traumatic.

Such a care for a soft landing of an athlete does not look superfluous when you climb to the maximum height (46 meters), where the springboard from which the freestylers start.

The springboards are covered with a special snow-white polymeric coating, which, before starting through special nozzles, is “flavored” with water, as a result of which a gliding effect is achieved, like in snow. Given the steep slope of the slides and the speed that an athlete develops, for his safe landing on skis, it can be scary indeed. “This is one of the fastest slopes, and it is designed for very complex stunts”

The children’s territory is even brighter than the adult one, and is divided into two mini-zones: for the very small and those who are already older. Thanks to the special stationary “pistols”, children at any time of the year will be able to pour, and even squeal with delight, when the water from a huge bucket will be tilted on a hill at a certain frequency.

– Water in the area for children is disinfected not by chemical means, but by quartz treatment, so parents can be calm. – Also on hand all the time will be inflatable toys and equipment for those who can not swim. In general, you can relax here with the whole family and have fun all day. And you can eat in one of six bars or in a restaurant. For children, there is even a separate bar.

For those who are well hot after visiting the steam room, a unique snow room has been created for Belarus. A relatively small room with snowdrifts and cave walls can, by the will of the visitor and thanks to a special program, become the home of blizzard, blizzards and almost Haver in miniature. Artificial snow crunches and feels like starch.

– In the sports complex “Freestyle” everything is done in such a way that athletes and ordinary vacationers do not overlap. Although many citizens will be able to watch interesting performances and beautiful freestyle jumps: rest and training will be held in parallel. But during international competitions, which are likely to be held here, the aquazone will be closed to the public.

Athletes who have already visited our training center, were very pleased. In addition to the Belarusians, the Americans jumped, and the Chinese and Swiss watched their workouts and, I must say, were very impressed. Several foreign teams wanted to train here.

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