Movable floor technology (lifting floor)

Retro-fitting a counter-flow appliance in the pool or a new FlussPool, for swimming training, wellness, or water-fun for old and young: we will design, plan, and install the perfect counter-flow pool for your home. Our complete swim-installations are individually adjusted to your needs– completed according to the space available in your house or garden and equipped with the desired materials.

Added value and more fun for the whole family.
Do you want to swim, go aqua-jogging ordo something for your health, but the kids just want to splash about in the pool in the shallow end? No problem- it is possible to only have a flow in part of the pool with FlussPool. That means everyone in the family can use the pool however they wish.

Fits in any pool, inside or out.
No private pool is too small to also be a fitness pool. A FlussPool can be installed in a garden or cellar without taking up too much space; a volume of 8 m long, 2.5 m wide and 2 m deep is enough. This leaves you more space in the open air or wellness area.

30 years of experience will get you nicely into swimming.
FlussPool have been planning and installing counterflow installations in private swimming pools for over three decades. As experts, we can call on unique know-how and proven Swiss technology to do so. We pay attention to special components of the system like the water inlet and outlet of the pool. This prevents all counterpressure of the water and annoying turbulence, no matter how fast the flow speed. That means you can enjoy the best possible swimming experience at home.

Swimming weightlessly: a heavenly experience.
It is no surprise that the world’s best professional athletes value the FlussPool for their swimming training. Thanks to the constant flow without air bubbles or eddies and the pleasant, individually adjustable flow speed of up to 1.6 m/sec you can complete even challenging endurance swimming training much better under optimum conditions.

Technology is everything– not just for swimming.
There is patented Swiss technology in every FlussPool which has proved itself over more than 30 years in private pools. Because all the components are coordinated with each other and honed to the finest detail, you get a top-class swimming experience at home as well. This is ensured by current commutators, guide wheels and diffusors, internal extraction, and a ventilation system to remove air from the water. FlussPool places a special emphasis on the water inlet and outlet. That prevents counter-pressure of water or turbulence, no matter how high the flow speed.

Our design can get your pool in shape, too.
The eye also swims along so we always complete your FlussPool 1:1 according to your wishes in the design too. Round or square shape, stainless steel or plastic (polypropylene) flow pools, natural stone top surface, with massage jets, geysers or light in variations: your personal outdoor pool will be made from A to Z according to your tastes– as a space-saving pool for the garden or fitness room.

Child-safe and practical: Movable floor technology (lifting floor).
At FlussPool, safety is always the number one consideration, especially when children are swimming. Therefore, you can set the water depth appropriately to age – from 1 cm to 1.35 m. Insulation is also important: you can swim all year round in the patented FlussPool movable floor. This guarantees a heat transfer coefficient of 0.2 to 03 Watts per square metre per degree centigrade. You can stay fit at any time and avoid unnecessary heating costs. And finally, you save valuable space with our lifting floor technology. After swimming, the covered pool is available for sunbathing, barbeques or games, and the lifting floor also keeps leaves and dirt down.

Automatic speed control and regulation.
Your FlussPool’s monitoring camera always knows where you are in the pool. If you want to swim faster, just swim to the front. A regulator adjusts the flow automatically to your swimming speed without you having to press any buttons.

Swim training according to the program via the smartphone.
You decide for yourself what intensity your swimming training units in the FlussPool should have, and we will program your mobile phone appropriate to your training –hard to easy, from a program for losing weight up to stamina training. If required, we can link the flow speed in the FlussPool with light of different colors. This means you are immediately in the picture about your progress.

First-class water quality – including biological.
If you do not want any chlorine additives in the FlussPool, we can also prepare the water biologically. You can also check the water quality of your private counterflow pool by remote access. In the background, we ensure that the quality of the water in your counterflow pool is always right.

Swimming and aqua jogging on the treadmill at the same time.
Do you want to jog gently in the water, while your partner wants to swim faster next to you? That is also possible in the FlussPool. We will be happy to build in a treadmill in the pool and direct the throughflow of your flume so that the water only flows in half of the swimming pool.

Flume or FlussPool? It’s your choice.
A FlussPool is adequate for private customers, but athletes prefer a flume. Both counterflow installations are based on the same technology, the difference is only in the materialization. We would be happy to show you how the flume works in Horgen.

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Movable floor technology (lifting floor)

Retro-fitting a counter-flow appliance in the pool or a new FlussPool, for swimming training, wellness, or water-fun for old and young: we will design, plan, and install the perfect counter-flow p...